2003 / 183m - USA
Sci-fi, Adventure
Battlestar Galactica poster


January 21, 2022


My introduction to the Battlestar Galactica franchise. I was never a fan of these sci-fi TV series growing up, the cheap decors and schmaltzy plots were pretty off-putting. I was hoping for something extra, seeing as this is basically two feature films stuck together, but that turned out to be idle hope.

Mankind is fleeing from the Cylons, a race of robots they created themselves and are now annihilating the human race. The last remaining humans manage to escape out into space and set off on a quest to find Earth, not knowing that the Cylons have evolved quite a bit without them realizing it.

The sets are cheap, the CG is hideous, and the cast is C-grade. It's clear that on-screen action had to be avoided as much as possible, the characters are bland and unsympathetic though and the plot is as basic as it gets. They could've told this story in two TV episodes, it's a shame they dragged it out to a 3-hour crapfest.