Mei Lai Muk Ling
2010 / 98m - Hong Kong
Beauty on Duty poster


September 17, 2010


Beauty on Duty is Jing Wong trying to revive the comedy he was known for at the very start of his career. Situational comedy, lots of overacting and simple formulas. The problem is that is comes off rather stale and uninspired, as if he wasn't really feeling it himself and was just going through the motions.

Chung Oi Fong is a young cop who saves Fat Wai from hired killers on one of her first patrols. Fat Wai has information that can implicate a big Triad boss. He's willing to testify in court, but only when the police promises to protect his daughter. Fong and her partner are put on the case, but the Triad isn't just going to back down.

Charlene Choi and Sandra Kwan do their best, but they can't really save the material. There's none of Wong's usual goofiness, no obvious film references. This film simply didn't make me laugh. Apart from the decent pacing and one or two sly smiles, there wasn't that much to like. For Wong completists only.