2021 / 131m - USA
Being the Ricardos poster


March 06, 2022


Maybe I don't know enough about Lucille Ball and this particular period in her life, but Sorkin's choice to feature a single week on the set of her most successful show doesn't really pay off. The basic premise is utterly boring and the additional drama plus the narrative digressions feel forced.

At the height of her career, a story about Ball being a communist finds its way into the press. That's not the only thing she has to worry about though. Her marriage with her husband and co-star Desi isn't going as she wants, she is pregnant with another kid and the guest director is lousy with comedy.

There's little chemistry between Kidman and Bardem, the cinematography is stuffy, and the life of Ball and Desi is simply not interesting enough, unless you care about fame and gossip. All the extra narrative padding brings the film to a 130-minute+ runtime, which is excessive. A pretty big bore.