Fei Hu Jing Ying Zhi Ren Jian You Qing
1992 / 96m - Hong Kong
Crime, Romance
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July 12, 2013


Not a very good film, but it is an interesting one. It's a precursor to the crime films of Andrew Lau and Johnnie To, with a slightly grittier ending, but none of the genre flair that makes the latter films so much fun. It's one of Yau's earliest features, and it's obvious that he still had a lot to learn, but if you want to see where his successors found some inspiration, it's worth a try.

When Dee's father tries to stop a robber, he inadvertently hits Dee's younger brother, who doesn't survive the hit. This shocks Dee so much that he decides to become a cop in order to combat crime. Years later Dee is part of the PDU, but when he gets involved with the daughter of a Triad boss his life suddenly becomes a lot more complicated.

Jack Cheung isn't strong enough to carry the film, Sammi Cheng is still very young and Man-tat Ng is a bit awkward in a more serious role. The genre elements are a tad sloppy too, but at least the pacing is nice, and it never gets too dull or boring. That's the only thing this film has going for it, which isn't an awful lot.