2021 / 102m - Canada
Comedy, Drama
Best Sellers poster


February 27, 2023


A film that relies quite heavily on its two leads for leaving its mark. It's a good thing then that Plaza and Caine work well together as a duo, otherwise this would've been a pretty big fiasco. Not that Best Sellers is great or memorable by any means, but at least it was a passable dramedy.

Lucy has inherited her father's publishing firm, but the company isn't doing too well. In a desperate attempt to keep herself afloat, she seeks out a revered writer who disappeared from the face of the Earth years ago. She gets him to dig up an old script, but actually selling it will prove to be quite a challenge.

Like most dramedies, Best Sellers isn't very funny. There are some lighter moments and quirky bits, but it's mostly a drama with some feel-good tacked on. The lead performances are strong, but the rest of it is pretty middling. A bland score, uninteresting cinematography, and a complete lack of defining perks drag the film down. Decent filler, nothing more.