2018 / 154m - India
Bhavesh Joshi Superhero poster


September 13, 2020


India's attempt to launch its own superhero. Bhavesh Joshi was meant to be the origin story or our savior, but because the film was a financial flop I don't think we can expect any sequels in the near future. Not that I mind, even though this was slightly better than the usual Marvel nonsense, it's not a world worth revisiting.

Most notable difference is that it's quite a bit more serious that its American counterparts. No big alien threats or mad scientists, but corrupt cops and politicians who feature as the prime villains here. The hero rises from a group of vigilantes in order to stop them and save the Indian people.

The action is a little bland though and the hero isn't all that impressive either. Though not hardcore Bollywood, the film does have a couple of musical numbers and easily brushes past 120 minutes for no good reason at all. It's just a bit too drab, political and serious for a good superhero flick, but way too nonsensical to be a solid, meaningful drama.