2002 / 85m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Big Trouble poster


March 12, 2021


Disappointing crime/comedy. Maybe not too surprising considering it's a Tim Allen-led film, not quite the actor I'd trust to do a fun crime flick. I generally trust Barry Sonnenfeld to turn out something amusing though, even if it doesn't look too appealing on paper. Not this time, Big Trouble was the dud I feared it would be.

A little briefcase is causing a bunch of trouble for the people who get into contact with it. Most of them are unrelated bystanders who only got involved because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but isn't that always the case with crime comedies? At least the one with a somewhat darker streak.

Performances are somewhat unfitting, Sonnenfeld's direction is a bit too chirpy and the comedy simply isn't funny enough. There is definitely potential here, in fact it's one of the easiest genres of film to pull off I think, but even then Big Trouble feels way too safe and predictable to be truly entertaining.