2018 / 90m - The Netherlands
Billy poster


September 25, 2022


An interesting premise, handled with the right amount of comedy and the right cast. It's a shame the film's TV roots are a bit too apparent, not all that surprising considering this was Theo Maassen's debut. It's a film that shows promise though, certainly when Maassen could surround himself with the right crew.

Gerard is a successful ventriloquist. He draws big crowds, but most people seem more interested in his puppet Billy. Billy is foul-mouthed and rude, which gets Gerard into trouble quite a lot. Gerard is ready for a change, but the audience only wants one thing: to see Billy perform on stage.

There's an interesting story about an artist trying to balance fame, integrity, and self-worth (though the ending felt a bit lame in that regard), the performances are on point and the comedy is purposefully cringe. The cinematography was lacking though and the ending was a bit of a dud, but other than that, a fine debut.