USA [2021] - 85m
Horror, Comedy
Directed by
Gigi Saul Guerrero
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Bingo Hell poster


October 04, 2021


One of the first films to come out of the Blumhouse/Amazon deal. I can't say it's a very promising start. It's nice that they're trying to go with a less predictable cast and a different setting, but when the horror bits are done this poorly, it's not really making much of a statement I'm afraid.

Lupita lives in Oak Springs, a small community that has been her home for years. Gentrification is becoming a problem, but the people of Oak Springs awaits a worse fate when a new Bingo hall opens its doors. A strange man offers big lump sums of money for people who come and play in his establishment. After they win, they all end up dead.

Blumhouse is used to working with lower budgets, director Guerrero not so much it seems. The film looks quite cheap, the horror is pretty bland and unimpressive and the performances are borderline acceptable. The jolly music isn't an asset either. Kudos for trying something different, but a concept like this needs a better director to succeed.