Meng Po Zhuan Zhi Yuan Qi
2024 / 75m - China
Fantasy, Action
Biography of Meng Po poster


April 09, 2024


Not your typical biography, but what did you expect with Dai Yilin in the director's chair? This is another one of his budget fantasy spectacles. Short, fast-paced, loaded with lore, and heavily reliant on functional CG. It's a good thing then that the art direction in his films is always well above average.

Meng Po is the Chinese goddess of Oblivion. She lives separated from her lover, Meng Qing, who finds her after years of searching. Sadly, their reunion is cut short by Asura, who needs something from Meng Po. Meng Qing is furious and vows to protect her with all his power, but Asura is a menacing villain.

I'm not sure I've seen anything from the Meng Po story before, but the more you watch them, the more you'll find that these stories are all very much alike (it's not that much different from Greek mythology either). It's a good thing then that the focus lies on flashy, fast-paced action scenes, not so much on the plot and characters. I had good fun, but that's because I love this kind of thing.