2015 / 88m - Canada
Bite poster


October 29, 2020


Tasty body horror. A genre that isn't quite as common nowadays, maybe that's why Bite hasn't built up the reputation it deserves. I'd seen the poster before, but hadn't really heard anything else about it. It's a shame if you ask me, as it's one of the better films I've seen in the genre, even though it's not without faults.

Three women go on a trip to Costa Rica for a bachelorette party. There, one of them gets bitten by a strange bug. They think nothing of it and return home, but after a while the wound begins to infect and a strange liquid oozes out. What follows is pretty gross and slimy, exactly what you want from a good body horror.

Performances are quite bad, apart from Begovic whose monster is pretty creepy. The film is a little slow to start, but once the infection sets in the film become increasingly gruesome and repulsive. Effects and make-up are great and the finale is spot on. A pretty lovely genre film, Archibald's best so far.