2015 / 52m - Germany
Björk! poster


July 09, 2020


A decent but rather simplistic Björk documentary. I quite like her as an artist and there are some of her songs I really appreciate, though not everything she does is my cup of tea. I figured it would be interesting to watch this documentary, in the hope of learning something more about the person, as well as the artist.

The structure is really basic, as it simply follows the chronological events in Björk's career. Her rise from small, budding artist to fashion icon, performance artist and singer/producer is properly documented, but it's hardly unique or noteworthy. There are a select few people who comment on Björk's work as an artist, but most of those interviews offer little value.

It's still nice to get a concise overview of Björk's career, the documentary doesn't drag things out and offers a nice peak into the phenomenon that is this little Icelandic artist. But unless you've never heard of her before (or you're an immense fanboy that simply has to watch everything related to her), it's not a must-see.