2022 / 125m - USA
Action, Fantasy
Black Adam poster


December 17, 2022


This was a pretty big mess. I'm not a big fan of these superhero flicks regardless, but I do wonder why it is so difficult for them to make something remotely entertaining. Black Adam is too cheesy, too tone-deaf, too boring, and way too occupied with serving diversity, making it impossible for me to even make the effort to invest in its world.

Black Adam is the protector of Kahndaq, an ancient city. Centuries after saving the place for the first time, he is awakened again. The city is now under the rule of Intergang, an oppressive organization. Adam has god-like powers, but he's not quite the man that people spoke of in the legends.

There's not a single character here I cared for, the aesthetic of the film is ugly, the CG lacks creativity and the action is chaotic (and not in a good way). It's a very noisy film, and that's about all there is to it. DC should just lay its cinematic universe to rest, these films are becoming really painful to watch.