Hak Mau
1991 / 96m - Hong Kong
Action, Thriller
Black Cat poster


July 15, 2022


A rather dire Hong Kong action film. They've tried long and hard to cross over and work together with other markets, but those attempts have been mostly in vain. No doubt Simon Yam had his fingers crossed for international success when he joined this project, but the execution is lazy and the action scenes are pretty tame.

Catherine is a feisty young woman who gets into trouble with the police. When she tries to escape, she is gunned down by a CIA agent. An experimental chip is implanted into her brain, and she becomes one of their best operatives. Catherine is a strong-willed woman though, and the chip isn't powerful enough to control all her emotions.

The lead actress lacks charisma, the international setting is poorly used (mostly country clich├ęs), the action scenes are not very spectacular and the plot is a simple cut-and-paste job from similar films. It's a shorter film and the pacing is decent, but unless you're a huge Hong Kong action completist, there's not much reason to chase this one.