Crna Macka, Beli Macor
1998 / 127m - Yugoslavia
Comedy, Romance
Black Cat, White Cat poster


May 21, 2006


November 14, 2023


Quite a bit livelier than I remembered it to be. Black Cat, White Cat is a pretty entertaining film, full of zany characters, odd situations, and sporting a fair number of absurd moments, though never quite crossing over into complete madness. An uplifting Balkan comedy if there ever was one.

Matko is a hustler, even though he isn't cut out to be one. When he combines forces with a notorious criminal, he gets scammed and has to give away his only son Zare in marriage to the criminal's sister. Zare is in love with another woman, luckily his grandfather is there to help him out.

Kusturica is fun as long as you don't expect a relaxing film. The characters are noisy, the music is ever-present and everything is well over-the-top. The comedy is borderline slapstick. Not always very refined, but there's a bit more to it than barebones physical comedy. A great way to waste two hours, if you have the energy for it.