2023 / 110m - Japan
Fantasy, Action - Animation
Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King poster


August 01, 2023


Hardcore fantasy anime. I'm unsure whether watching this without having seen the series beforehand is a good idea. I did manage to catch up halfway through the film, but this anime comes with some pretty heavy fantasy lore and it takes itself very seriously, so you better be ready to wade through long conversations explaining the finer details of the magic capabilities of the leads.

Asta is a young boy who was born without magic powers. He is the only one in his world, still, he is determined to make it as a magic knight. When former Wizard Kings reappear to turn the country into disarray, Asta and his friends will need all their strength and wits to keep them at bay.

The character designs don't match the backgrounds, the animation is awkward and the dub feels flat and lifeless. The film is also way too long and some of the lore is tedious, but I will say that things pick up in the second half, when the film works toward a truly epic finale. It's not enough to save the whole thing though. This is just TV anime posing as a feature film.