Svart Krabba
2022 / 110m - Sweden
War, Action
Black Crab poster


March 26, 2022


A pretty solid film, but don't expect too much of its genre listings. Though sci-fi and post-apocalyptic in theory, Black Crab mixes war, action and adventure elements and pits them against a fictitious conflict. It's really the setting and the soldier's mission that give the film its identity.

Caroline Edh is enlisted as a soldier after enemy troops kidnap her daughter and sweep through Sweden. The Swedes are quickly losing terrain and see only one way out of the conflict. Edh and five others are assigned a suicide mission, where they have to deliver capsules to a research center. The only way to get there is to skate across the ice behind enemy lines.

Rapace is solid, the icy setting is superb and there are some tense moments, but director Berg never really manages to fuse all the different elements into a coherent whole. I think he could've done more with this material, and he could've done it in less time too. Fun, but not the greatest.