Hak Hap 2
2002 / 102m - Hong Kong
Action, Sci-fi
Black Mask 2: City of Masks poster


July 06, 2013


A complete disaster. I'm not sure what happened here, but Hark Tsui really made a mess of this sequel. Maybe it's because he tried to do a very Hong Kong-type film in America (instead of infusing his Hong Kong aesthetic in more American-type films), or he just didn't care enough about this project, but the result is pretty horrible and a big step down from the first film.

The Black Mask is still around, his identity still hidden from the world. This time, he has to face an evil organization that is threatening to set off a bomb. Not any kind of explosive though, a DNA bomb that will turn all people into hideous mutants. To dismantle the bomb, he'll need to get by a group of mutated professional wrestlers.

Sure, the plot is incredibly silly, but it also holds more than enough potential for a fun and cheesy action flick. The abhorrent performances, poor action choreography (Yuen, what were you thinking), and cheap, campy presentation made this film a slog to sit through. This is without a doubt one of Hark's worst films.