2021 / 87m - USA
Black as Night poster


November 15, 2021


Prime's collaborations with Blumhouse haven't been too successful so far. Their horror films come off pretty juvenile and rushed, sporting some interesting ideas but lacking the proper talent and execution to make them stand out. Black as Night is no exception, there's a fun horror film in here somewhere, but it struggles to come out.

Shawna is a young girl living in New Orleans. She likes to hang around with her friend Pedro during the summer holidays, but this summer's going to be different. There are vampires in town, and when they get to Shawna's mom, she's out for revenge. Together with a bunch of other kids, she's ready to take on a local vampire coven.

Black as Night is pleasantly self-aware and there are some compelling alternate takes on vampire lore, but the film's a bit too childish and doesn't really deliver on its horror premise. The vampires are a bit dull, the gore is largely absent and having a bunch of kids take on vampires isn't all that exciting either. It's not a horrible film, just a bit too mediocre and safe.