2021 / 102m - USA
The Black Phone poster


June 17, 2022


Derrickson takes on one of Joe Hill's short stories. It's no real surprise then that the horror elements are relatively light, nor is it shocking that quite a few details were added to pad out this film. The result is pretty decent, but not something I'll remember for years to come.

A mysterious man is roaming the neighborhood and kidnapping kids. When he comes for Finney, he doesn't realize that Finney's sister Gwen has dreams that predict the future. With her brother gone and her father drowning in booze, Gwen tries hard to hone her special skill, hoping her dreams may tell her where her brother is held captive.

Hawke's masked kidnapper is the big star of the film, but he isn't quite as menacing as he could've been. The 70s setting feels a little random and the plot can be a little convenient, but Derrickson shows himself a very capable director who can do right to a film like this. Pretty fun horror filler.