2021 / 134m - USA
Action, Sci-fi
Black Widow poster


October 08, 2021


Watching Black Widow, all I could think was how nice this Marvel-less time has been. This film was presented as "something new" in the MCU, but it's really just another Marvel flick, chasing that same mix of action, fantasy, sci-fi and light comedy. If you were hoping for some grittier spy elements, prepare to be disappointed.

Natasha Romanoff was trained by the Soviets to be the ultimate fighting weapon. Years passed and Natasha moved to the US, joining the Avenger squad. But then her past comes back to haunt her. She runs into her sister, reacquaints herself with her parents and together, they take on their former enemy.

Pugh and Johansson are poor action stars, the comedy bits don't come across at all and the fake Russian accents are quite painful. The villains and costumes are as cheesy as ever, so don't expect anything dark, grim or brooding. This is just another film that tries to throw every genre in the mix in order to appeal to the broadest audience possible. Bland and tasteless.