Mugen no Jûnin
2017 / 140m - Japan
Action, Fantasy
Blade of the Immortal poster


November 12, 2017


My expectations for Blade of the Immortal weren't as big as for other recent Miike projects. The hyped up Miikes are usually a bit tamer (especially nowadays) and his samurai films rarely end up among my favorites (Izo being the notable exception). I was still looking forward to watching it though, Miike is after all one of my personal favorites.

Blade of the Immortal isn't a bad film, but it's not a film that screams Miike. No weirdness, no crazy ideas, no what-the-fuck moments. It's a film that could've been directed by just about anyone really, except that's a bit more violent that your average samurai flick. And even that was a little exaggerated.

There's a high enough body count, but it's just regular hack & slash action, with people falling down rather quickly. It doesn't get much crazier than a hacked off limb here and there. Again, I can't really fault the film too much, it looks nice enough and even though it's quite long it doesn't drag, but a straight-forward Miike is simply a waste of potential, no matter how good it is.