China [2020] - 87m
Fantasy, Action
Directed by
Zhou Zhong
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The Blade of Wind poster


November 21, 2020


It's nice to see China is making great progress with fantasy/martial arts genre cinema. Their movie industry is booming, they've built a viable blockbuster business while making sure to keep their arthouse scene alive. Genre films still had them struggling though, but looking at the quality of The Blade of Wind, it seems there's hope for the future.

Ya Qing is chosen to deliver an important message, but this gets her mixed up in quite a scheme. Together with two travelers she picks up along the way, she has to unravel the mystery of the Snake Man, an evil presence who has a strong hold on all the neighboring kingdoms.

Performances are mediocre and the overreliance on CG is still there, but the action scenes are looking pretty good, the cinematography is great, pacing and length is also perfect. They're getting close to the Hong Kong scene of the 90s, fingers crossed they can improve just a little more because I've really missed these films.