2021 / 89m - USA
Thriller, Mystery
Blame poster


September 22, 2021


Director Rayniak did his best. Blame is an indie production that pretends it's playing in the big leagues, but can't quite pull it off. Because of that, its faults become that more apparent. What could've been a fun little thriller turns out to be an overly mediocre affair that underwhelms at every corner.

Five friends are going on a skiing trip in Wisconsin. Before they can reach their destination they are hit by a snowstorm. Looking for a nearby place to shelter from the storm, they run into an abandoned school building. When one of five ends up dead on the floor, it quickly transpires that their friendship isn't as tight as they'd imagined.

The performances are very mediocre, the reveals are extremely clumsy, and the finale is a complete dud. Rayniak invested in a decent score and the camera work is mostly convincing, but other than that the film fails to make any conceivable impact. It's a charming attempt at making a slick-looking thriller, but also a very obvious failure to do so.