Korô no Chi: Level 2
2021 / 149m - Japan
The Blood of Wolves II poster


August 30, 2021


Kazuya Shiraishi delivers a worthy sequel to his first Yakuza epic, further establishing himself as a strong crime director. This second film offers more of the same, so I'd suggest not watching them too closely together, but when you're in the mood for some gritty crime drama, this film delivers.

A couple of years after the first film, crime has settled down in Hiroshima. Things start heating up again when Shigehiro Uebayashi is released from prison. He doesn't care much for the truce of his bosses and starts a rampage of his own. The police are surprisingly lenient, so much that detective Hioka begins to suspect something fishy is going on.

Performances are solid, the action is pretty brutal and the setup is intricate. My only issue with this series is that it doesn't really deliver something new. If you're familiar with the genre then Blood of Wolves won't have any surprises for you. The execution is spot on though, so genre fans can rejoice.