2020 / 109m - USA
Action, Sci-fi
Bloodshot poster


October 23, 2021


I'm not familiar with the comics at all, in fact, for some reason I was expecting to see a horror film. Turns out Bloodshot is a full-on action flick with some sci-fi elements thrown in. And a pretty self-conscious one at that, the film doesn't take itself too serious, which is probably the only decent way to do a silly story like this.

Ray is an elite soldier, but he and his wife are captured and killed by a criminal. His body is donated to RST, who manage to revive him, giving him some upgrades in the process. Ray quickly starts remembering the events before his dead, prompting him to take revenge on the people who murdered him and his wife.

The plot doesn't make a lot of sense and the sci-fi elements are pretty exaggerated, but the film seems gleefully aware. Instead, director Wilson focuses more on delivering over-the-top action scenes and some general badassery, in that context Diesel's a pretty good casting choice. Much better than I expected it to be, good fun.