Lan Yu Hei (Xia)
1966 / 116m - Hong Kong
Drama, Romance
The Blue and the Black (Part 2) poster


December 22, 2020


Not quite as good as the first part. While that one left me intrigued to see more, going through a second two-hour film clearly proved to be a little much. There's just too much melodrama and pining characters, not enough genuine emotion and/or plot to keep this going for its extended runtime.

The production was seriously hampered by the sudden death of Lin Dai, which left the director and writers to fill in some big plot gaps. Through the use of body doubles and some creative stitching Ching tried to maintain a sense of continuity, but he didn't really succeed. The continuation of the story is just one big mess.

The cinematography is also less noteworthy, which was probably the least of Ching's worries. It all adds up to a pretty big disappointment. Not that the first film was amazing, but at least it had potential, and it showed a different side of the Shaw Bros studios. It probably would've been better if they'd scrapped the project altogether.