Also known as
Burûawâ ni Buttobasu
Japan [2019] - 92m
Directed by
Yuko Hakota
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January 26, 2021


An odd but compelling little drama. Hakota shows a lot of promise, both in handling the characters and the themes of Blue Hour. While the presentation was just a bit too safe for my liking, there are flashes of true genius here. With just a little extra stability, a masterpiece is definitely within reach.

When Sunada and her friend have a little time to spare, they decide to visit Sunada's hometown for a visit to her family. Sunada isn't too proud of her rural roots, but being there unearths a lot of forgotten memories and emotions, some of which prompt her to reevaluate her current life.

The performances of Kaho and Shim Eun-kyung are stellar, the chemistry between the two is truly off the charts. Hakota aptly balances deeper and darker moments with light comedy and there are quite a few poignant moments. The soundtrack's a bit underused though and visually it's just a little too predictable. But the potential is clearly here, I'll be keeping a close eye on Hakota. Fans of Japanese drama should definitely give this one a go.