1983 / 109m - USA
Blue Thunder poster


June 03, 2021


A pretty dim 80s action flick that puts all its eggs in one single basket: its titular helicopter. It's a thing that probably looked quite futuristic in the early 80s, including its "amazing" capabilities, but it's little more than a bit of cheesy hardware nowadays. The same goes for the film itself.

Murphy is a veteran Vietnam pilot who ends up becoming the test pilot of a new type of military surveillance helicopter. Though suspicious at first, he quickly learns to love this new hardware. During one of his surveillance missions he uncovers a covert operation, led by one of his old wartime nemeses.

The performances are weak, the film looks pretty cheap, the action scenes aren't that exciting and the futuristic hardware fails to impress. At nearly 2 hours, it's also way too long. There's just a basic amount of action/genre fun to be mined from this film, unless you're truly starved for action films, I wouldn't really bother.