2021 / 95m - UK
Boiling Point poster


February 16, 2023


Stress, that's what this film is all about. And director Barantini does a good job translating that to the audience. The kitchen is a good (but somewhat predictable) setting for a film like this, but the (fake) single take and some spirited performances help this film stand out from the crowd.

Chef Andy's restaurant is relatively new and he's doing his best to establish himself as a worthy artisan and entrepreneur. His restaurant is stacked for Christmas, but troubles at home, a somewhat unruly team, and a visit from his former mentor will turn the place into a real pressure cooker.

The cast is amazing, the cinematography stands out (though it's not as in your face as other films pulling similar tricks) and the tension levels are appropriately high. The finale could've been a little sharper and some of the weaker narrative side stories could've been cut for a slightly shorter runtime, but this was a strong film.