2019 / 97m - India
Drama, Romance - Animation
Bombay Rose poster


April 11, 2021


Though India has a big, successful and renowned movie industry, animation is not something they are known for. I don't think Bombay Rose is going to change that anytime soon. While it's a brave attempt that shows quite a bit of dedication and goes for a unique, Indian vibe, the result is pretty underwhelming.

The art style is interesting (though not exactly pretty) and the paint technique they used is insane (every single frame is painted), the animation on the other hand is quite poor and while you can practically see how much effort went into this film, it doesn't translate to something that is very pleasing to the eye.

The characters are rather dim and the film lacks focus. None of the plot lines are very interesting and the meandering nature of Bombay Rose doesn't really make for an intriguing watch. It's a shame that all the technical effort isn't met with good direction, fleshed out characters and a more captivating plot.