2020 / 97m - UK
Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm poster


October 27, 2020


It was a bit of a surprise when Cohen announced his new Borat film, not in the least because its release on Amazon Prime was right around the corner. After watching the sequel it feels as if Cohen had to meet a pre-election deadline, since a lot of the jokes are at the expense of conservative/right-wing Americans.

After spending 14 years in prison, Borat is released and sent on a new mission to America. With Trump in charge, Kazakhstan sees an opportunity to renew the bond between both countries. Borat has to deliver a gift to Pence as a sign of good faith, but ends up trying to pawn his daughter to the prime minister.

Not much has changed compared to the first film, but that's hardly a surprise. A mix of scripted scenes and hidden camera jokes take the piss out of USA's underbelly, with Cohen pushing for sexist, racist and other vile material wherever he can. There are some decent laughs here, but I couldn't help but feel that some of the material was just a tad too easy.