Lan Du Ying Xiong
1987 / 100m - Hong Kong
Born to Gamble poster


January 04, 2009


Jing Wong refining his gambling formula before making his big statement with God of Gamblers. That means Born to Gamble is a pretty basic film, almost a work in progress. You can see the blueprint of Wong's later success and there are some funny bits, but it's mostly just generic romcom stuff with a bit of gambling thrown in.

Alex is a prosperous gambler who can't seem to stop winning. Things become a bit more complicated when he meets Mina, the love of his life. Mina hates everything to do with gambling, so Alex is forced to hide his love for it. A classic setup for a romcom, and Wong isn't too interested in doing anything different with it.

Jing Wong's performance is notable, so is the amusing ending (mahjong presented as some kind of magical sport remains fun). Other than that though, it's mostly just mediocrity, with a disappointing performance by Chan and a level of predictability that makes it little more than random genre filler.