2014 / 89m - Norway
Comedy, Sport
Børning poster


July 31, 2022


A cute little sports comedy. Børning isn't the most original film and I doubt I'll watch the sequels any time soon, but this was pleasant enough. Don't go in expecting to see Fast & Furious-level race action, instead, you're getting a fun and quirky road movie where people just happen to be driving around in race cars.

Roy is a car mechanic with a passion for fast cars. When he has his daughter over, she sabotages his car during the finale of a street race. He is taunted by the winner of the race and accepts a 2000km challenge. He has no other choice than to take his daughter with him, a journey that is sure to strengthen their bond.

The characters are pretty funny, the film doesn't take itself too seriously and the racing scenes, though few, are pretty decent. The pacing and runtime are perfect too, but the film feels a bit safe and unadventurous. It's pretty decent filler, but not really all that memorable.