2023 / 91m - USA
Bottoms poster


November 30, 2023


Not a great comedy, but at least it's a full-blown comedy. You don't see many of those around anymore, I guess a film like this could mean there's light at the end of the tunnel again. It's a pretty straightforward, often raunchy affair, the only problem is that it leans too much on common clich├ęs.

PJ and Josie are two lesbian girls who are shunned by the rest of the school. To increase their popularity, they start a little fight club and make up a story that makes them look a lot tougher than they are. Their little plan seems to work, but they can't keep their lies from surfacing.

I appreciated the dedication to the comedy, the film is silly from start to finish, but the jokes were pretty simple and predictable, and I've grown tired of that typical US school culture (the jocks vs the nerds and all that). Not the worst way to spend 90 minutes, but I'd hoped for something a bit funnier.