Baunti Doggu
1994 / 60m - Japan
Animation, Sci-fi
Bounty Dog poster


March 16, 2022


A fun, short sci-fi anime. This limited 2-part OAV is a collection of overly familiar anime clich├ęs, but the execution is pretty stylish. You don't often see this kind of hardcore sci-fi anymore, which makes it extra interesting to revisit these often forgotten productions of the 90s. Anime/sci-fi fans are sure to have a good time with this one.

Yoshiyuki is part of a commercial investigation group. One year after the death of his wife, he is sent to the moon to look into project Kaguya. Once there, he bumps into Ines, the spitting image of his deceased wife. The more Yoshiyuki finds out about Project Kaguya and Ines, the clearer it becomes that the future of humankind is at stake.

The often monochrome visuals are pretty stylish and the mech designs are simply yummy. The animation quality isn't that great though and the plot is dense and somewhat nonsensical, but if you like sci-fi tropes that shouldn't be a bother. If you want something short, sweet and highly futuristic, Bounty Dog won't disappoint.