2007 / 102m - UK
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August 19, 2020


A solid British drama about a young kid who has to integrate back into society after spending time in jail. The nature of his crimes aren't immediately revealed, instead Crowley focuses on the steps he goes through to start his life anew. He takes on a new identity, moves to a new city and starts a new job.

Having spent a long time in prison comes with its own set of challenges. Jack lacks social skills, isn't up to speed on technological advancements and doesn't even know how to behave around girls. A woman at his job fancies him though, and she is willing to put in the extra effort.

Crowley delivers a decent drama. Performances are solid, the flashbacks to the jack's crime add some welcome tension and even though the plot is a little predictable (it's no spoiler that people will find out about his old identity), it doesn't really weaken the emotional impact. Nothing too exceptional, but good filler.