Zhui Nan Zi
1993 / 97m - Hong Kong
Comedy, Romance
Boys Are Easy poster


April 16, 2010


Jing Wong is no stranger to light fluff. Boys Are Easy is one of those film you could perfectly do without, but when starved for an enjoyable comedy it's not a bad option. That is, if you are familiar with and can stand Wong's very typical brand of Hong Kong comedy, which is somewhat of an acquired taste.

Sing wants his daughters to get married, but they're still enjoying their freedom too much to settle down. Sing devises a plan and pretends to be dying, within no time his daughters come up with potential marriage candidates. None of girls are really serious about their dates, things get complicated when the boys do fall in love with their respective partners.

There's a bit of everything here. At heart, it's a romcom, but Wong's affection for parodies surfaces again. Add some cheesy Hong Kong comedy and a couple of mandatory martial arts scenes and you've got a pretty decent, yet run-of-the-mill crowd pleaser. Nothing you haven't seen before, but the A-list cast does help to set it apart from its peers, if only just a little.