2019 / 50m - UK
Brave Blue World poster


October 26, 2020


An inspirational documentary. I've noticed that in recent years there seems to be a change in approach there. After years of endless doom & gloom docs, directors seems to be trying something different. Rather than telling people the world is turning to shit, these more recent docs offer creativity ways to deal and fix the problems at hand, hoping to inspire the people watching.

Brave Blue World deals with our planet's water issues. Shortages and pollution are becoming increasingly problematic, as it turns out there are quite a few creative minds out there who already have promising solutions tried and tested. This documentary cycles through a couple of them, looking at the different approaches people from around the world came up with.

Many of these solutions are small-scale though, with little assurance that they would also work on a larger scale (or wouldn't have any negative consequences), but they are inspirational and even though regular people like me don't have many actionables after watching this film, it does give a solid overview of our current situation.