UK [2022] - 91m
Directed by
Jim Archer
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July 08, 2022


David Earl is being David Earl. He's pretty much the same character as in Gervais' recent series, though not as crude and/or foul-mouthed. The comedy itself is pretty different though, quite a bit drier and more absurd, yet with a strong human touch and never too alienating.

Brian is a recluse who lives alone on a farm, making strange trinkets he calls inventions. When he finds a mannequin's head one day, he decides to build an AI/robot. He fails in his task, but during a thunderstorm the unlikely happens and the robot comes to life. Brian is elated, only he doesn't realize that bringing up an AI is a lot harder than expected.

The Welsh setting is lovely, Earl is a real treat and the comedy is pleasantly daft. I'm not quite sure if this type of comedy works best as a film, 90 minutes is quite long and the film is rather one-note, but it kept me engaged throughout, while the premise is unique enough to stand out from the crowd. Lovely.