1987 / 133m - USA
Drama, Romance
Broadcast News poster


April 23, 2023


Bland drama on top of uninteresting characters. I'm not really sure how films like this worked up the reputation they have, but clearly, something must've clicked with people back then. While the film does its best to mix different themes and storylines together, not a single one of them was interesting.

Two reporters are trying to make a career at a TV network, one is self-obsessed and handsome, the other qualified but dull. A female producer falls in love with the handsome one, while the dull one has a thing for her. It's a pretty classic love triangle against the backdrop of a news organization.

None of the actors do a good job, their characters are pretty one-dimensional and the drama that befalls them feels very scripted. The direction is bland, and the runtime is excessive, but at least the pacing is somewhat decent. Just a very generic 80s drama, not something I'll remember fondly.