2022 / 129m - South Korea
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November 12, 2022


Koreeda's first South-Korean film. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a marriage between the two. The cinematography is a tad more polished, the film somewhat more plot-focused, and the performances not quite as gentle. Koreeda does well here, but it's hardly a standout in his oeuvre.

Two men collect foundlings and sell them off to parents who can't get any children for lots of money. Their latest catch will bring them a lot of headaches when the mother decides to pick up her baby the next day and finds that he is gone. The police are also on their tails, waiting to bring in the two men.

There's a bit more intrigue here compared to most of Koreeda's Japanese films, but it detracts rather than adds to the film. The performances are solid but not great, and the cinematography is nice but can feel a bit forced. It's the lighter and less dramatic moments that save this from mediocrity. A pleasant drama, but I hope Koreeda returns to Japan for his next film.