1947 / 98m - USA
Crime, Thriller
Brute Force poster


February 19, 2023


A "gritty" prison drama (and yes, the quotes are warranted). For its time Brute Force might've been quite dark and rugged, but since then there have been so many rougher and grittier prison dramas that the film has lost quite a bit of its punch. It all comes off a bit too clean and proper by modern standards.

Joe Collins is one of the prisoners locked up in the Westgate prison. The men are treated like animals and the wardens abuse the power they have. When Collins is put on the toughest duty because a cellmate of his committed suicide, he figures it is time to plan his escape from the wretched place.

Though things do heat up in the second half of the film, the execution of both action and thriller elements remains a little underwhelming. The film does have a few memorable moments and the performances aren't too bad, but it's not enough to make a lasting impression. Brute Force didn't stand the test of time.