USA [2022] - 126m
Directed by
Judd Apatow
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April 11, 2022


Judd Apatow making his own Tropic Thunder. I'm not a terribly big fan op Apatow's work, his films tend to be too long and usually contain unnecessary drama, so I was quite happy to see he stuck to simple and pure comedy this time around. 126 minutes is still a bit much, but at least it's 126 minutes of laughs.

A crew is assembled during the pandemic to shoot Cliff Beasts 6, a cheesy blockbuster made to lighten the mood of audiences everywhere. After a strict quarantine the shooting finally starts, but the actors behave like spoiled brats and keep messing up the production of the film.

I generally don't care for films about films, especially not the ones putting feathers in their own asses, but I do appreciate it when they make fun of their perceived importance. The comedy is daft and varied enough, the cast is on point, and at no point in the entire film does it take itself serious. Fun.

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