2022 / 100m - Japan
Animation, Adventure, Fantasy
Bubble poster


May 06, 2022


A bold revisioning of the Little Mermaid story. In typical anime fashion, the story is moved to Tokyo and the lore is spruced up with lots of contemporary fantasy elements, but the core of the story remains intact. It's a film for a younger demographic, though animation fans will find lots to like here.

A mysterious event destroyed the center of Tokyo. Bubbles descended from heaven and formed one giant bubble, enveloping the entire center. Only orphaned kids remain, using the rundown city as a stage for their parkour battles. Five years later, a mysterious girl appears, who will influence the fate of everyone living inside the bubble.

The film is a bit too poppy at times (with branded J-Pop intros and such), the story is also pretty generic and the direction somewhat rushed, but the fantasy elements are well-developed, the pacing is high, and the animation lush. It's a very pleasant anime fantasy, not a future classic, but great filler nonetheless.