2022 / 127m - USA
Action, Comedy
Bullet Train poster


December 31, 2022


A film that reminded me of the joyous crime flicks of the mid-00s (think Smokin' Aces). The problem is that the assembled killers aren't that much fun and that Leitch's direction appears a bit toothless. This could've been a really fun, juicy film, instead, we're getting some PG-13, sanitized version of that.

Ladybug is replacing Carver on what looks like a very simple job. He is to board a train, grab a briefcase and get off at the next stop. But several killers for hire are also on board of the train, and they're all after the same briefcase. Ladybug will have his work cut out for him if he wants to get out alive.

The action is a little tepid, the characters aren't quite quirky enough and two hours is a bit long for the simple setup. It's still a fun and entertaining film though. The pacing is decent, nothing is ever taken too seriously and the finale is pretty entertaining. It's just that the potential was there to be something way better.