1968 / 114m - USA
Action, Crime
Bullitt poster


April 26, 2023


A precursor to the cinema of the 70s. Gritty, and somewhat more intense, while also having that little dash of experimentation that made the 60s an interesting era for cinema. Bullitt isn't a typical action film, it's way too controlled and stylized, it's just that I didn't really care for Yates' choices here.

A hardened detective is assigned to a key witness in a Mafia case. In no time, there's a hit on the man. Bullitt wants to track down the assassins, but he also wants to know who leaked his location, suspecting there's a mole. In order to lure the killers back to him, he has to make sure his witness stays alive.

There's not much dialogue, a lot of the work is done by the cinematography and the score. I appreciate the idea, but the score was quite grating and the dull colors and static camera work weren't the most appealing. Still, it's a lot better than similar attempts from that time. Slightly better than expected.