2019 / 99m - USA
Comedy, Crime
Butt Boy poster


April 14, 2022


I went in not really knowing what to expect (I figured this was going to be another quirky indie trying to grab some extra attention with its title), I guess I was proven wrong. Writer/director Cornack isn't afraid to commit to all the uncomfortable moments that stem from the odd story being told here.

Chip lives a boring life. He doesn't like his job, his wife doesn't really love him, and he has no real hobbies. When he gets his first prostate exam, he finally finds something he truly loves. He slowly gets addicted to putting odd objects up his butt, which becomes problematic as they keep growing in size.

The performances are straight-faced, the soundtrack is atmospheric, and the films looks pretty good (though it was clearly made on a budget). But the key asset of Butt Boy is its commitment to surprise, and to go where you never expected it to go. Not for everyone, certainly not perfect, but if you love an odd film, it comes warmly recommended.