2023 / 131m - Japan
Call Me Chihiro poster


May 18, 2023


A pleasant and wholesome Japanese drama. If you're looking for feel-good with a little tinge of drama then this is a pretty ideal film, but having seen so many Japanese dramas already, the film lacks a few standout elements that help to set it apart from its peers, which left me wanting.

Chihiro works in a local bento shop, a job she took on after being a successful sex worker. She is an honest and cheerful person that looks out for the people around her, but the love she gives doesn't help to fill the loneliness she feels inside. Even so, she enjoys the connections she makes with others.

The performances are strong and Chihiro's character is lovely, but the rest of the film feels a little too laid-back. The cinematography is polished but predictable, so is the score and 130 minutes is a tad long for a film that offers no real surprises. It's a solid drama that doesn't disappoint, but it lacks something extra.