2017 / 90m - Finland
Comedy, Horror
It Came from the Desert poster


June 16, 2021


Some horror/comedies are genuinely funny, others simply hide behind the comedy to cover their lack of budget and talent. It Came from the Desert is one of the latter. Add some obligatory 80s references and buckets of weak CG and you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this one.

Two boys are going to a party in the desert. When they stray from the party, they find a cave with a secret facility. Of course, they venture inside, what they find there is a deserted laboratory filled with giant ants. The ants haven't been able to breed since they lack ethanol (don't even ask), the party nearby turns out to be a disaster waiting to happen.

It Came from the Desert is one of those films that is clearly made by a horror fan, someone a little too eager to share his knowledge of the genre, while lacking the talent to make a genuinely good film. The comedy is bland, the performances are poor, and the gore is mostly absent and/or extremely cheap. Not great.